Bio: I am a chronically obsessive person, whose interests range from horror and death to everything cute and beautiful. Japanese music and manga are my areas of expertise. The novels (graphic or otherwise) that I love most are Kamikaze Girls, Death Note, The Mortal Instruments, Battle Royale, and Dogs: Bullets and Carnage. I look up to a number of writers, such as Novala Takemoto, Usamaru Furuya, and Osamu Dazai. As for hobbies or talents, I don't have any. I'm pretty terrible at writing but I seem to do a lot of it and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. As a high school student, I don't exactly have much experience in anything, so anything I write is most likely derivative and not particularly good. Still, I keep working at it, hence the existence of this sub par writing blog. Fiction is my preferred genre of writing, simply because I think it's more fun, but I do write about my life and personal opinions a bit too. There is not exactly one clear kind of fiction I like most, but anything that manages to incorporate both beauty and brutality is ideal for me.

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