Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Every day I go to school, sit with 25 equally uninspired teenagers all wearing the same ugly uniform, and do work assigned by teachers just trying to pass the time until the bell rings and they’re one class closer to retirement. I go home, sitting in the off-black seat of my family’s cluttered minivan, staring out at the beige grocery stores and pharmacies and gas stations that we pass along the way. At home, I do my homework, I do my chores, I eat my food, I shower, then I lie down in my bed and sleep until it’s time for a variation on this day to start all over again. This is what real life is like, and it is smothering. I know there is no escape from this, no way to run off to someplace where I won’t have to worry about grades or clean dishes or getting a healthy portion of protein in my diet. There is one thing I can do to preserve my sanity in this miserable mundane world, and that is look out into worlds where none of the things I so hate seem to matter. There is no portal to take me to these places, places where people fall in love and don’t grow to hate eachother after 19 years together in a shabby house doing boring jobs, where a teenage girl can ride through a field on a moped, take on an entire girl gang, and win, where angels and warlocks are everyday sights, where cats talk and spirits haunt and dreams have the power to change reality. These are places I can never go, but I can pull back the cover and flip through the pages of the individual windows into each of these unique worlds just to get a peek at what they’re like. Books are often referred to as doors into other worlds, but that’s inaccurate. You can look at the worlds within these books, you can get to know them as well as your own, but try as you might, their existences and yours will remain entirely separate from one another. That is certainly a pity, but there is an upside to it. When you go in a plane and look out at the clouds, as beautiful as they may seem and as much as you may want to be able to go out and touch them, they will remain for your viewing pleasures only. Books are no different. Through them you see worlds completely unlike your own, worlds you may dream about visiting, separated from you. Just like the beautiful sky you see out the airplane window, these worlds will forever remain mystical and intriguing, simply because they are so unattainable.



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